Dr. Angela Chester

Dr. Angela Chester is a professional speaker, cancer survivor, wife, mother, and author. Dr. Chester has built a career spanning more than 20 years and thousands of people counseled. Dr. Chester has served as a pastor, public speaker, counselor and purpose coach, and has built a reputation as a thought leader on issues related to family motivation and marriage counseling.

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Dr. Angela will show you how to overcome the most hopeless circumstances and obstacles, and is passionate about teaching people how to plan and reach solutions to those many would think impossible.


Here's just some of the what you’ll learn from Dr. Angela Chester

  • Three things you must do that will enhance your life
  • Where to find support and help in making a work-family-spiritual balance possible
  • Deciding when to say “yes” and when to say “no” to job demands
  • Identifying your true purpose and what you (your business) is working towards
  • Understanding what your commitments are as a Christian entrepreneur
  • How to get the most joy out of your business and personal life
  • And more...

Dr. Angela Chester

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