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Earlier this year, the greatest collection of Christian Entrepreneurs came together to share their BOLD testimonies of faith, business, and success.  Watch the trailer!

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  • Learning how to balance business, family, & spiritual life
  • Aligning your motivation and mindset with your purpose
  • The Keys (Principles) to both Marketplace & Kingdom Success
  • plus much more!!!
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Suki Tranqille Suki Tranqille
Profit with Passion! Summit Host (Editor-in-Chief of Xperts Magazine)

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Meet Our All-Star Line Up Of Christian Entrepreneurs

Learn step-by-step about some of the essentials of Christian business leadership; Character, Ability, Vision, and Experience.

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Your Dreams & Your Divine Purpose

Learn more about Paul Wilson Jr.'s vision filled message.
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"Dream Catalyst"

As a chosen champion for those who yearn to fulfill their calling in life, Paul Wilson Jr. is deemed the “Dream Catalyst” for such a time as this. God has anointed him with a special gift to understand and effectively teach the powerful connection between our dreams and His divine purpose for our lives. He has been a passionate advocate for spiritual empowerment, community development, and economic advancement for youth and young adults for nearly 15 years.

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Paul Wilson Jr.

A Ministry of Hope

Learn more about Dr. Rosalind Tompkins' empowering message. What are you waiting for? Go ahead, take the...

"Crusader Against Addiction"

Rosalind Y. Lewis Tompkins received a Doctorate of Humanities Degree from the Five Fold Ministry Theological University in 2012 recognizing her as a Humanitarian for the work that she has done to end drug and alcohol addiction and to relieve the suffering of families afflicted by the disease of addiction through her work with Mothers In Crisis, Inc.
Dr. Tompkins founded Mothers In Crisis, Inc. (MIC) in 1991. MIC is a non-profit, organization comprised of women and men in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

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Dr. Rosalind Tompkins

Sick of the Rat Race, Create Your Own Employment Independence

Learn more about Carey Green's strategies and inspiring message.
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"Christian Crusader & Serial Entrepreneur"

Carey speaks at business and Christian growth events, writes books on Christian living, business, and even a bit of fiction, and loves spending time with his wife, 5 kids, and grandkids. He was privileged to serve the local church as a Pastor for 20 years in his life-before-entrepreneurship and still believes that the church (God’s people) is the hope of the world.

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Carey Green

Learn how to find and live Life’s Core Purpose

Learn more about Jeffrey Pelletier's strategies and timely message.
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"Christian Provoker & Broadcaster For Christ"

Jeff’s radio program God’s Work in Progress ™ has been broadcasting since 2009.  Its purpose is to speak to Christians and lead them to do “great work with great faith”™, as a primary focus of reclaiming the fallen world system that Jesus died to redeem.  The show is a gathering place for the faith-work movement and a point of instruction and inspiration for Christians in their daily life.

Grab Your Special Offer From Jeff

Jeffrey Pelletier

Using Words to Transform Lives

Learn more about Lindsey Hartz's transformative message.
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"A Love Affair With The Word of GOD"

Lindsey lives in the beautiful hills of Tennessee and is a wife, mother and mentor. When she is not writing or pretending to clean her house, she spends her time as a volunteer helping women overcome hurtful pasts and addictions through Christ. She also has the distinct privilege of working with authors, publishers and ministries, bringing their creative writing projects to life.

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Lindsey Hartz

A Shift in Leadership Starts Now!

Learn more about David Burrus' message on Leadership & Family.
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"The Leaders' Leader"

David A. Burrus is a leadership strategist and consultant, best-selling author, speaker, brand strategist, and coach. His passion in life is helping people live obstacle free lifestyles. He enjoys seeing people live, love and lead with the freedom of knowing that there is nothing standing between them and their success.

Grab Your Special Offer From David

David A. Burrus

The 10-Step System Proven to Get Your Financial House in Order

Learn more about Dr. Dominique Reese's message on Financial Education.
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"Master My Money" Creator

Dr. Dominique’ Reese, owner of Reese Financial Services and creator of Master My Money, is a personal finance expert, coach & strategist, speaker, educator, author, blogger, and consultant with 10+ years experience in the financial services industry.

Grab Your Special Offer From Dr. Dominique

Dr. Dominique Reese

Injecting energy and enthusiasm into everything, FAST!

Learn more about Shelley Hitz's empowering message.
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"Find Your Audience"

Shelley Hitz has coached thousands of authors through her books, training programs, online events, seminars, and more. She has over a decade of experience speaking to groups of all sizes, from small workshops to keynote presentations in front of thousands. However, she is best known for injecting energy and enthusiasm into everything she does and inspiring those around her to take action.

Grab Your Special Offer From Shelley

Shelley Hitz

Amplify Your Income, Influence, and Impact on the World

Learn more about Alex Navas' potential awakening message.
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"Master of Awakening Potential"

Whether you already know who I am or not, I’m ultimately here to serve you and I have a lot to tell you that will shed some light on who I am and how I can help you experience more joy, happiness and fulfillment in your life and your business. After creating two mid six-figure service businesses, losing it all and rebuilding from rock bottom once again, I began developing proven sales and marketing strategies for passionate entrepreneurs desiring a lucrative business that didn’t require having to sacrifice relationships with loved ones, their faith, or their personal lives to achieve business success and a thriving life!

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Alex Navas

Z Solves Problems!

Learn more about Zari Banks' powerful and inspiring message.
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"Powerful Prayer Warrior"

Zari is a third-generation entrepreneur and who has worked in her family's businesses throughout the years, and continues to do so. In pursuit of more entrepreneurial endeavors, Zari self-published her first book - First Class Foolishness, about the adventures she has with her son, Zayne - in 2011 and has since become a multiple Amazon Best-Selling Author. She's authored 39 books and as of July 2015. Zari has also served as editor and/or assistant publisher of more than 20 books for other authors.

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Zari Banks

Eve Dionne will show you how to “Be about that life!”

Learn more about Eve Dionne Walker's empowerment message.
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"Empowerment Speaker & Teacher"

Certified Life Coach, Spokesperson, Ordained Minister and highly sought after motivational speaker, Eve Dionne is showing the world what it truly means to “Be about that life!” Eve is an overcomer with a triumphant story that has helped men and women around the world to reach their goals and look beyond their past into their purpose!

Grab Your Special Offer From Eve

Eve Dionne Walker

Helping young girls and women rise above dire circumstances

Learn more about Daphnee Cherubin's powerful ministry.
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"An advocate of women, children and families"

Daphnee Cherubin, a native of Port-au-Prince, Haiti is a devout Christian, entrepreneur, speaker and writer whose goal is to service and strengthen her community by bringing hope and affirming value in people’s lives.

Grab Your Special Offer From Daphnee

Daphnee Cherubin

Helping leaders partner with God in business to transform the marketplace

Learn more about Darren Shearer's incredible message
on how to make an impact for eternity.
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"Theology of Business"

Darren is the author of three books, including The Marketplace Christian: A Practical Guide to Using Your Spiritual Gifts in Business and Marketing Like Jesus: 25 Strategies to Change the World. He is also the founder and CEO of High Bridge Books, which offers professional book publishing and author consulting services for inspiring thought leaders.

Grab Your Special Offer From Darren

Darren Shearer

Witness The Key Principles of Creating Passive Income Streams

Learn more about Linda Dominique Grosvenor-Holland's
message of spiritual and financial prosperity.
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"The Mrs. behind Passive Income Streams"

Linda Dominique Grosvenor-Holland the author of Bring Me Into A Wealthy Place and the Creator of The Six Figure Starter Kit™ Her expertise on relationships, money and business has been featured in over 100+ publications and websites. She assists new and seasoned entrepreneurs with monetization techniques and grasping the principles of creating passive income streams through her newly launched coaching platform.

Grab Your Special Offer From Linda

Linda Grosvenor-Holland


Secrets to Living an Organized Life

Learn more about Janet M. Taylor's incredible message.
What are you waiting for? Go ahead, take the...

"Expert Organizer"

Janet has used her twenty plus years experience along with skills as an expert organizer/strategist, to provide services to notable clients such as: Les Brown, motivational speaker; Dyana Williams, 100.3 WRNB, Hewlett-Packard; Trinity Valley Community College located in Athens, Texas; City of Philadelphia; and the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Community Services Institute.

Grab Your Special Offer From Janet

Janet M. Taylor


Learn How To SOAR

Learn more about Anita D. Russell's amazing journey and message.
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"Travel Ministry"

Anita D Russell is an independent consultant and network marketer who is passionate about contributing to the growth and development of people. She is on a mission to help YOU SOAR. As a social entrepreneur she travels for adventure, to learn and discover, and to make an impact in three core areas: building community, making contribution and inspiring change.  Anita’s career spans multiple disciplines, including pharmaceutical R&D, learning and development, instructional design, and youth and community leadership.

Grab Your Special Offer From Anita

Anita D. Russell

fade-leftfade-rightIt's Really A Matter of Motivation

Learn more about Jackie Martin's strategies on managing change, stress and learning how to thrive in the midst of challenge and chaos.
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"Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team"

Jackie Martin, Chief Motivational Officer for A Matter of Motivation – a speaking and training organization in Atlanta, GA, possesses more than 20 years of experience helping individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations maximize human potential and achieve internal goals.

Grab Your Special Offer From Jackie

Jackie Martin

fade-leftfade-rightAlways strive for the first things in life

Learn more about Danita Bye's message on how to grow your faith and your business simultaneously.
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"Sales Development & Leadership Expert"

Danita Bye, is a catalyst for visionary business leaders of character who are committed to investing into emergent leaders as a key business growth or succession strategy.  Her drive and determination were honed through award-winning performances at Xerox Corporation, a medical-device start up success, and 15 years of helping owners and presidents grow their companies. These insights drive Sales Growth Specialists.

Grab Your Special Offer From Danita

Danita Bye

fade-leftfade-rightWomen For Hire, From Home

Learn more about Alyssa Avant's message on how to
take the leap and work from home.
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"The Work From Home Expert"

Alyssa Avant has been published in the Inspired Women Succeed book, in numerous magazines, on various websites, is the author of FaithLeaps: The Christian Mom’s Guide to Passion, Purpose, and Profits, FaithLeaps: The Christian Mom’s Guide to Starting a Virtual Assistant Business and is the creator of the Christian Charm School Workbook materials.

Grab Your Special Offer From Alyssa

Alyssa Avant

fade-leftfade-rightThe Stork Stops Here!

Learn more about Vonda Dennis' message on how to
balance it all while maintaining your sanity.
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"The Baby Guru"

Ms. Vonda Dennis has worked with families in the childcare profession for well over 20 years. Pursuant to formal education in Early Childhood studies, Ms. Dennis furthered her education by becoming a certified Newborn Specialist, Postpartum Doula, Labor Assistant, Lactation Specialist, and Lactation Educator.

Grab Your Special Offer From Vonda

Vonda Dennis

Putting Christ back into the marketplace

Learn more about Tamara Diahann's powerful message.
What are you waiting for? Go ahead, take the...

Fearless Trendsetter

Tamara Diahann is the Founder of BOSS Christian Network a coalition of Entrepreneurs dedicated to putting Christ back into the marketplace. Her mission is to equip, educate, and empower others to begin to create generational wealth through entrepreneurship. Through BCN Tamara helps people apply the word of God to establish or reestablish their businesses. Causing them to be Christ-centered and socially responsible.

Grab Your Special Offer From Tamara

Tamara Diahann

The Root of All Good, Starts with Love

Learn more about Divina Caballo's gratitude and love message.
What are you waiting for? Go ahead, take the...

"Awaken Your Authentic Self"

Divina is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and attended the prestigious Quantum Success Coaching Academy, where they teach key law of attraction strategies to awaken the full vibrancy and potential of people to attract the life of their dreams. She is a author of her bestselling book, Reawaken Your Authentic Self, founder of Reawaken Your Authentic Self Academy.

Grab Your Special Offer From Divina

Divina Caballo

Educating, Encouraging, and Empowering Today's Woman

Learn more about Dr. Jessica Houston's Expecting Victory message.
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"Success Coach & Empowerment Speaker"

Dr. Jessica Houston has overcome poverty, depression, low self-confidence and intimate partner violence. For this reason, she is passionate about sharing how others can live an abundant and satisfying life, despite any obstacles they may encounter.

Grab Your Special Offer From Dr. Jessica

Dr. Jessica Houston

A Guide To Successful Internet Marketing with Integrity

Learn more about Michael O'Donnell's strategies and core values
in doing business.
What are you waiting for? Go ahead, take the...

"Internet Marketing Strategist & Business Consultant"

Michael O'Donnell is known as a highly sought after internet marketing strategist and business consultant. He started his first company, Hyacinth Marketing in 2011 and has gone on to work with hundreds of small and medium sized businesses throughout the United States and Canada.

Grab Your Special Offer From Michael

Michael O'Donnell

The Basis For Success is within You!

Learn more about Michael Ayer's winning strategies and principles
behind becoming an entrepreneur.
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"The Educator & The Entrepreneur"

Michael Ayers has been a stalwart for introducing others on how they can use their personal experiences and areas of expertise online to make money.  His passion to educate on business branding, generating and capturing leads, creating innovative products, and developing monetization strategies has helped countless others establish their basis of success.

Grab Your Special Offer From Michael

Michael Ayers

Metric-driven Marketing & Optimal Sales Strategies

Learn more about Jason Cronkhite's message on aligning your principles.
What are you waiting for? Go ahead, take the...

"The Co-founder & CEO at Clearpath Marketing"

Jason Cronkhite has worked with some of the world’s largest brands to some of the most cutting-edge start-up companies. From organizing and promoting world class sporting events to managing international marketing campaigns, Jason’s experience provides a Swiss Army Knife like depth of knowledge.

Grab Your Special Offer From Jason

Jason Cronkhite

Productivity Made Simple & Effective

Learn more about Elijah Elkins' passionate message about his faith and how he follows key Christian principles to lead his business success.  What are you waiting for? Go ahead, take the...

"Executive Productivity Coach"

Elijah Elkins loves Jesus, people, and business. He owns a productivity coaching business and is a Co-Founder with two startups called ThirdPath and Spruce. Elijah is very passionate about startups and is very involved in the global startup community and his local startup community.

Grab Your Special Offer From Elijah

Elijah Elkins

Inspiring Women to Dream Big and Change the World

Learn more about Diane Cunningham's inspiring message.
What are you waiting for? Go ahead, take the...

"Pied Piper of People"

Diane Cunningham, M.Ed. is the President and Founder of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs, as well as a consultant, author, video guru, artist, plane crash survivor, marathon runner and former masters level therapist.

Grab Your Special Offer From Diane

Diane Cunningham

Helping Others Profit from the Idea God Has Placed in their Hearts

Learn more about Amos Johnson Jr.'s spirit nourishing and prosperous message. What are you waiting for? Go ahead, take the...

"Christian Business Strategist"

Amos is the founder of Church for Entrepreneurs (www.churchforentrepreneurs.com) and the God Idea Lab (www.godidealab.com). God has given him a calling to help Christian Entrepreneurs succeed at their calling. He strongly believes a fulfilled life comes from clearly knowing what God has called you to do and doing it.

Grab Your Special Offer From Amos

Amos Johnson Jr.

“The purpose of our business is to glorify God by serving, ministering, and provided the highest quality..."

Learn more about Bart Azzarelli, Jr. Christ-centered
message of servitude.
What are you waiting for? Go ahead, take the...

"An Ambassador of Christ"

Bart accepted Jesus as his personal Savior on October 20, 1985. Because of his faith in Jesus, Bart founded Dallas 1 as a family owned business, based on Biblical principles. Since 1985 he has been a steward over as many as 160 souls at one time. These accomplishments are credited to the fact that Dallas 1 is a closely held corporation that equips and encourages it’s employees to conduct their business and personal lives according to Biblical principles.

Grab Your Special Offer From Bart

Bart Azzarelli

The Story Behind the "Bright" Smile

Learn more about Dr. Angela Chester's
message of perseverance and triumph.
What are you waiting for? Go ahead, take the...

"America's Pastoral Counselor"

Behind Dr. Angela Butts Chester’s smile is a story of perseverance and triumph that has led her down a path to empower and transform marriages and families. As a pastoral counselor and family strategist, Dr. Chester has a deep passion for showing others how to overcome the most hopeless circumstances and obstacles in their lives, and teaches people how to plan and reach solutions to those many would think impossible.

Grab Your Special Offer From Dr. Angela

Dr. Angela Chester

Marketing and copywriting are not merely jobs for Donnie.  They’re his calling. 

Learn more about Donnie Bryant's message on how to be Christ-driven
in everything you do.
What are you waiting for? Go ahead, take the...

"The Copywriter"

Donnie Bryant is a direct response copywriter who helps entrepreneurs connect with their “should-be” customers.

Grab Your Special Offer From Donnie

Donnie Bryant

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