Elijah Elkins

Elijah Elkins loves Jesus, people, and business. He owns a productivity coaching business and is a Co-Founder with two startups called ThirdPath and Spruce. Elijah is very passionate about startups and is very involved in the global startup community and his local startup community.

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Elijah helps busy executives and business owners increase their productivity and value to their company by focusing on work with the highest ROI. No matter how much money you have, you can't buy more time.


Here's just some of the what you’ll learn from Elijah Elkins.

  • How to create the most meaningful life by doing the most valuable actions with growing effectiveness
  • Learn how Elijah defines what's most important to his business—mission, core values or vision
  • How to grow spiritually and develop as a Christian entrepreneur/leader
  • Identifying your true purpose and what you (your business) is working towards
  • Where to find support and help in making a work-family-spiritual balance possible
  • Key strategies to strengthen your business through Christ
  • And more...

Elijah Elkins

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