Janet M. Taylor

Janet Taylor has displayed an innate tendency for order since childhood. Friends even remarked on the organization of her toys. In 1994 she took her natural ability and started Totally Organized – a business dedicated to working with corporate, non-profit and government agencies saving them time and money by providing contract administration, project management and trainings to save clients time and money.

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Janet M. Taylor has used her twenty plus years experience along with skills as an expert organizer/strategist, to provide services to notable clients such as: Les Brown, motivational speaker; Dyana Williams, 100.3 WRNB; and many others.


Here's just some of the what you’ll learn from  Janet Taylor.

  • Where to find support and help in making a work-family-spiritual balance possible
  • The two to three actions you could take right now that would create the most impact on your well-being
  • What's most important to Janet's business—mission, core values or vision
  • How to grow spiritually and develop as a Christian entrepreneur/leader
  • Identifying your true purpose and what you (your business) is working towards
  • Key strategies to strengthen your business through Christ
  • And more...

Janet M. Taylor

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