Linda Dominique Grosvenor-Holland

Linda Dominique Grosvenor-Holland the author of Bring Me Into A Wealthy Place and the Creator of The Six Figure Starter Kit™ Her expertise on relationships, money and business has been featured in over 100+ publications and websites.

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She's recognized as "The Mrs. behind Passive Income Streams" and hosts one of the fastest growing faith-based business conferences every Spring that features some of the most dynamic speakers from across the country.


Here's just some of the what you’ll learn from Linda Dominique Grosvenor-Holland.

  • Three things you must do that will enhance your life
  • Where to find support and help in making a work-family-spiritual balance possible
  • Deciding when to say “yes” and when to say “no” to job demands
  • Identifying your true purpose and what you (your business) is working towards
  • Understanding what your commitments are as a Christian entrepreneur
  • How to get the most joy out of your business and personal life
  • And more...

Linda Dominique Grosvenor-Holland

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