Zari Banks, M.Ed

Zari is a third-generation entrepreneur and who has worked in her family's businesses throughout the years, and continues to do so.  In pursuit of more entrepreneurial endeavors, Zari self-published her first book - First Class Foolishness, about the adventures she has with her son, Zayne - in 2011 and has since become a multiple Amazon Best-Selling Author. She's authored 39 books and as of July 2015. Zari has also served as editor and/or assistant publisher of more than 20 books for other authors.

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Abundant life is your right! You should want it! Some would say there's wrong with wanting awesomeness on a regular basis. I would say there's more wrong with average, mediocrity and status quo than working towards excellence and fulfillment, everyday.

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Here's just some of the what you’ll learn from Zari:

  • The laws, rules, and principles that differentiate a secular business from that of a Christian business
  • How to decide when to say “yes”and when to say “no” to job demands
  • Key strategies to keeping your passion strong when the road gets tough
  • Identifying your true purpose and what you (your business) is working towards
  • Understanding what your commitments are as a Christian entrepreneur
  • How to ensure you continue to grow spiritually and develop as a Christian entrepreneur/leader
  • And more...

Zari Banks, M.Ed

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