It Compliance Officer Job Description

September 14, 2015
Compliance Officer Job

Quantity of Jobs


Median Salary

$64, 340

Unemployment Rate

4.3 %

The growing maze of laws and regulations, rules, certification and permits increases the requirement for compliance officials, who make certain companies and regulating physiques remain in line with internal guidelines and regulating needs. In the loan industry, these positions are particularly sought after because the government steps up its enforcement of anti-money washing laws and regulations. Apart from their substantial presence on Wall Street and within the us government, compliance officials operate in an extensive selection of industries, including healthcare, telecommunications and gas and oil extraction. Responsibilities can include determining the potential risks a company faces, creating or applying controls to mitigate individuals risks and confirming the potency of the controls. Compliance officials may go for that organizations they’re looking at or exterior agencies or companies contracted to complete compliance work. Working conditions varies, from permit work and document review at work configurations to off-site fieldwork in outside and industrial plant configurations. Due to the variety of employer types and requires, compliance officials frequently require extensive specialized education and training. For instance, atmosphere compliance officials may require substantial scientific understanding to do sophisticated tests that appraise the environment impacts of airborne and waterborne chemical releases.

The Bls projects this occupation will grow by 4.6 % through 2022, adding about 11Thousand new jobs.

Based on the BLS, the median annual salary for compliance officials was $64, 340 in 2013, but there might be wide variations in wages based on a job’s educational, scientific and work-experience needs. The very best-compensated 10 % within the area gained $99, 450 in 2013, as the cheapest-compensated made $36, 720. Farming chemical producers spend the money for greatest salaries. The very best-compensated compliance officials operate in the urban centers of Framingham, Massachusetts Bridgeport, Connecticut and Brunswick, Georgia.

Salary Range

75th Percentile $81, 740
Median $64, 340
25th Percentile $47, 610
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