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April 7, 2024
Interview Insider: How to Get

Heidi-150x150-1Obvious Admit lately questioned Admissions Counselor Heidi Granner, that has carried out over 200 interviews of top business school candidates and students in her own roles at Chicago Booth, Boston Talking to Group (BCG), and Roll Global.

Are you able to describe the fundamental protocol or format from the typical Booth on-campus interview? Was this just like whenever you put on this program?

Booth on-campus interviews are usually 30-forty-five minutes lengthy and therefore are carried out by Admissions Guys – trained second year students who're compensated people from the Admissions Office. They're typically quite conversational and friendly. Students are usually evaluating the candidate in the outlook during whether or not they may wish to maintain research group together. Study groups interact very carefully and depend on one another, so traits important listed here are intelligence and reliability, in addition to getting a obvious spontaneity and direction. Also, Booth got its intellectual legacy seriously – they'll be searching for demos of intellectual curiosity and curiosity about academics. You may get a question for example “What is the favorite book?” or “What was your preferred class attending college?”

I still remember likely to Booth’s campus on the cold Feb day and being so impressed using the campus and administration. The College of Chicago’s overall campus and Booth’s Harper Center particularly, are actually spectacular. The campus includes a traditional brick and ivy feel and also the Harper Center is modern and open. I certainly advise a campus visit and/or interview on-campus if you're able to allow it to be.

I acquired into Booth despite things i feel would be a shaky interview. I made use of that have – and my desire to get involved with strategy talking to – to pay attention to increasingly polished and efficient within an interview setting. After I began at Booth, I understood I desired to drastically improve. I focused tremendous effort on preparation, including searching for another year mentor who spent considerable time training me. I ultimately received full-time job offers from McKinsey, BCG, and Bain. I only say this to inspire everybody that there's great possibility to improve and preparation is essential! Stepping into business school is very competitive, so make the most of every chance to shine.

Video Boston Consulting Group
Video Boston Consulting Group
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Boston Consulting Group
Boston Consulting Group
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