Boston Consulting Group Summer Internship

January 13, 2023
Boston Consulting Group Summer

Earlier this summer time, Vivek Mehta (Type of 2016) interned using the Boston Talking to Group from their Singapore office. His primary client was located in Indonesia, so Mehta spent a sizable part of his internship traveling and dealing in Jakarta.

“I love the entire vibe of Southeast Asia, ” Mehta stated. “The nations are close geographically, however the culture is extremely diverse. The moment one enters a brand new country, it’s another place with new practices, food, and encounters.”

Vivek-Mehta Mehta had resided in Singapore just before their studies at Darden, but he'd never labored in Indonesia.

“I really learned to understand cultural variations while dealing with several types of people, ” Mehta stated. “I was at Indonesia throughout Ramadan this summer time. Although I'd some knowledge about Muslim culture from residing in India, this experience permitted me to understand a good deal about certain customs.”

His client’s business worked with assorted facets of the paper production industry. Within his project, Mehta considered the important thing Performance Indications (KPIs) of every purpose of the organization. Although Mehta did the majority of his work in the company’s primary headquarters in Jakarta, also, he loved the chance to speak to employees at among the client’s paper mill facilities.

“Working in Jakarta, I recognized the chance for growth in the area, ” Mehta stated. “This experience opened up my thoughts towards the scope of worldwide business in Asia and just how certain things apply particularly to developing marketplaces. I needed to comprehend the background of my client to get at the real cause of issues to think about which factors impact productivity.”

Mehta’s team in Indonesia was mainly composed of local people who have been acquainted with the word what and culture, however the Singapore office had staff from many nations. Both in locations, Mehta loved the opportunity to communicate with individuals from various ethnicities and skills.

“Southeast Asia is really a growing hub for business, and it is filled with youthful people making their mark, ” Mehta stated. “I frequently met with co-workers and buddies for your meal outdoors of labor to construct connections and explore the metropolitan areas.”

Mehta advised that students considering interning abroad should investigate the culture and types of conditions from the metropolitan areas they'll be going to to know the variety of various places and industries.

“I always anticipated talking to, ” Mehta stated. “My anticipation with this internship were which i might have the chance meet a number of people, use interesting challenges, enjoy yourself. BCG would be a dream company for me personally, and my team was very useful. It had been an excellent experience overall.”

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