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February 22, 2015
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Technical Consulting Services for JDA RedPrairie SoftwareOpen Sky’s JDA RedPrairie Consultants come with an extensive technical background in JDA RedPrairie Software. Our JDA RedPrairie Consultants make an effort to make certain our customers are happy and becoming the best from their investment.

Open Sky’s RedPrairie consultants have experienced and done a multitude of designs and programs. RedPrairie has become area of the JDA Software Group ( It might be impossible to list out each and every task our experienced team is capable of doing if you aren’t seeing the thing you need here, please call us.

JDA RedPrairie Consultants  Software UpgradesAudit &lifier Assessment

Being an independent integrator with deep technical and functional expertise with JDA RedPrairie Software, Open Sky consultants are very well-situated to provide a non-biased assessment of the JDA RedPrairie software and database server. Clients request these checks for multiple reasons, including:

  • Continuous improvement – Exactly how should we have more from our investment?
  • Business changes since original configuration – Exactly how should we adapt the machine to changes?
  • System performance or stability – May be the performance from the system under optimal?
  • Trust but verify – Did the initial implementer from the solution do the things they stated they'd do?

Sometimes this request assessment comes throughout the implementation phase, when the price of improvements and modifications begins to get away from control. Whether it hasn’t recently been done, the issue needs to be requested, “Are we modifying the program to suit a procedure or modifying a procedure to suit the program?Inches

JDA RedPrairie Consultants  IntegrationSometimes after an implementation, there's doubt concerning the new system’s capability to satisfy the small business. And, based on who drove the implementation, the space list (a listing of weak points from the system) may differ considerably even within two divisions of the identical company. This can be because of throughput, stability, performance or a number of some other reasons. A 3rd party can audit and measure the implementation and request the questions that might possibly not have been requested (or were forgotten).

JDA RedPrairie Consultants  Enhancements JDA RedPrairie Consultants  Testing and Support
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