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July 7, 2015
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Senior benefits consultants earn more in Washington, D.C. and New York.Senior benefits consultants earn more in Washington, D.C. and New You are able to.

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60-nine percent of employees established that benefits were "essentialInch when selecting employment, based on the Worker Benefit Research Institute. This is exactly why senior benefits consultants are crucial to companies and insurance benefits agencies. They assist their companies or clients choose comprehensive and price-effective medical health insurance, retirement, life insurance coverage and disability plans. These professionals also supervise and train benefits consultants. Senior benefits consultants earn average annual salaries above $90Thousand.

Salary and Qualifications

Senior benefits consultants gained average annual salaries of $93Thousand by 2013, based on the job website Simply Hired. They have bachelor's levels running a business, finance or insurance, and five years experience of benefits talking to. Many companies also require their senior benefits consultants to become Licensed Worker Benefits Specialists, which requires passing an extensive exam with the Worldwide First step toward Insurance Benefits Plans. Schools and colleges offer CEBS certification, which generally includes seven to nine courses in the different sorts of advantages. Other essential qualifications for senior benefits consultants include self-motivation and analytical, communication, project management software, problem-fixing, customer support and computer abilities.

Salary by Region

In 2013, average salaries for senior benefits consultants varied inside the four U.S. regions. Senior benefits consultants usually generate the most in states where housing and living cost is greater. Within the Area region, they gained the greatest salaries of $99Thousand in Minnesota and also the cheapest of $72Thousand in South Dakota. Individuals within the Northeast gained between $84Thousand and $113Thousand each year, correspondingly, in Maine and Massachusetts. Senior benefits consultants in the western world made $74Thousand and $105Thousand, correspondingly, in Montana and California, that have been the cheapest and greatest salaries for the reason that region. Within the South, they provided $72Thousand to $146Thousand, correspondingly, in Mississippi and Washington, D.C.

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Adding Factors

Senior benefits consultants may earn greater salaries in a few industries. For instance, agents โ€“ who also sell medical and retirement benefits โ€“ gained the greatest salaries at investments and goods brokerage houses and outpatient care centers, based on the U.S. Bls โ€“ $92, 170 and $81, 840 each year, correspondingly. Senior benefits consultants might also earn more employed by companies during these two industries. Investments and goods firms typically pay greater salaries in many jobs.

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