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September 8, 2015
Tax Consultant Salaries |

Property tax consultants assess the value of property.Property tax consultants assess the need for property.

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Property tax consultants provide tax checks and tax management services to commercial, industrial and residential clients. Property tax consultants help companies minimize their taxes and administrative costs which help home owners lower their home taxes and assess their home values. Oftentimes, property tax consultants may focus on a minumum of one section of property tax talking to. The earnings for any property tax consultant may weigh heavily around the employer's industry and kind of clientele.

Property Taxes

Property tax consultants focus mainly on supplying tax management services to real estate taxes and private property taxes. Real estate tax checks are based on the need for real estate the entire worth of the entire assets are incorporated within the calculation of taxed assets. The quantity of property taxes matches the tax rates within the jurisdiction from the property location. Personal property tax checks are based on the need for personal belongings, for example automobiles and equipment.


People ambitious to get property tax consultants should possess a minimum of a bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, property, financial aspects or perhaps a related area. Individuals ambitious to attain high salaries will benefit from acquiring experience associated with the employer's industry or niche. Getting a quantity of tax-related experience can also be advantageous.

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Working Hrs

Based on the Bls, the nation's average of hrs labored for nonsupervisory consultants were 33.6 in 2008. However, many might be needed to operate longer hrs based on work needs and due dates.

Earnings Checks

Property tax consultants may derive their earnings on the per-client basis or based on a collection weekly, biweekly or monthly salary. Their professional services can also be charged each hour. The salary may rely on a number of factors, such as the employer's industry, the qualifications from the property tax consultant and the kind of work being carried out through the consultant


Based on, the salary range for tax consultants by mid-2011 is between $46Thousand and $70Thousand. Glassdoor also reviews the typical salary for tax consultants to become $56Thousand. Based on the Bls, the weekly salary for nonsupervisory employees in the market of management, scientific and technical talking to services was $913 in 2008. Based on, the typical annual earnings of property tax consultants is $68Thousand.

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