Legal Nurse Consultant Job Description

September 19, 2016
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Nurse Consultant Job DescriptionThis nurse consultant sample job description can help inside your developing a resume which will attract job candidates who're qualified to do the job. You can revise this task description to satisfy your particular job responsibilities and job needs.

Nurse Consultant Job Responsibilities:

  • Supports health care companies, organizations, and patients by finishing research for lawyers, doctors, insurance and accreditation organizations, health care professionals, private detectives, hurt and organizations supplying risk-prevention methods.
  • Evolves medical negligence claims information by looking into hospital, elderly care, physician and nursing negligence claims supplying impartial opinions identifying merits of legal or accreditation actions.
  • Provides medical records information by finishing initial review and liability assessment determining healthcare companies planning releases and letters to acquire complete medical records, x-sun rays, and billings organizing, chronologically outlining, examining, and indexing medical records and billings planning a period of occasions transcribing handwritten chart/record notes planning tables, charts, and graphs of information suggesting and planning documents for review through the expert advisory panel.
  • Identifies potential medical personnel/witnesses by decoding names from medical documents finding important witnesses meeting with witnesses recommending listing of deponents arranging and outlining depositions looking at and aiding attorney when preparing of preliminary and final witness lists.
  • Identifies medical professionals by suggesting special areas of practice to become consulted acquiring and supplying a listing of potential experts finding particularly named experts (defense and/or complaintant) researching skills of experts acquiring curriculum vitaes getting together with experts planning documents for review by experts maintaining reference notebook on experts.
  • Completes scientific research through the use of personal understanding, experience, reference library, and internet determining and interpretation medical language determining and interpretation medical methods determining and interpretation medical-hospital/office guidelines.
  • Supports situation presentation by drafting interrogatories and admissions planning 35mm slides, excel spreadsheets, charts, and graphs according to investigative findings.
  • Keeps legal and accreditation compliance by sticking to policy positions concerning federal, condition, and native rules, and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health care Organizations (JCAHO) standards anticipating emerging issues.
  • Enhances quality results by studying, evaluating, and re-creating processes applying changes.
  • Updates job understanding by taking part in educational possibilities reading through professional guides maintaining personal systems taking part in professional organizations.
  • Improves department and organization status by accepting possession for achieving new and various demands exploring possibilities to increase the value of job achievements.
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