Nurse Consultant Job Description

November 21, 2021
Clinical resource nurse job

Legal nurse consultants advise attorneys on medical issues during criminal trials.Legal nurse consultants advise lawyers on health problems throughout criminal tests.

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When criminal tests involve health problems, lawyers achieve out for legal nurse consultants to reveal evidence. Legal nurse consultants are licensed nurses who perform most of the same tasks as lawsuit legal assistants. Their medical background training means they are reliable sources for lawyers throughout pretrial discovery when creating a theory of the situation. When a trial starts, legal nurse consultants assume even greater profiles, supplying jurors with information that may sway a verdict.

Trial Strategy

The legal nurse consultant's work starts before trial when lawyers plan their situation strategy. A highly effective strategy necessitates the lawyers to know whatever medical terms, injuries or treatment have been in dispute. The legal nurse consultant becomes the origin of this understanding. After looking at the details, she'll define the problem, which will help lawyers investigate the law. For instance, a legitimate nurse consultant may be employed by defense lawyers on the situation including a handicapped child who died after playing inside a school ball game which was not supervised. From overview of the medical records, she might conclude that the possible lack of supervision didn't make the child’s dying. Rather, it had been the child’s physical reaction to the game. Equipped with that conclusion, defense lawyers would start to research cases by which handicapped children died even when sporting occasions were supervised.

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