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December 12, 2016
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For any brief introduction on being a Lactation Consultant, please watch this video from your lead instructor, Gini Baker. .


This college based program is really a clinical training course for Lactation Consultants. Lactation Consultants work within all area from the lactation area. The LC will have the ability to triage breastfeeding problems, educate customers and professionals, and use the establishing and control over breastfeeding programs. The lactation consultant handles every aspect of the lactation process and exercise.

Lactation Consultants have employment with hospitals, physician’s offices, treatment centers, or have been in private practice.

Although one doesn't need to be considered a nurse to coach like a lactation consultant, nurses who use moms, babies, and families frequently extend their abilities by becoming Lactation Consultants. Lactation Consultants may go with women that are pregnant as well as their family in community perinatal health programs such WIC.

Programs &lifier Paths

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• LC Hrs Calculation Form
• Directions: How you can complete “LC Hrs Calculation Form”

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Employment or job possibilities and wages

Lactation Consultants typically communicate with patients inside a role much like nurse professionals, as advanced practice physicians. They often work individually to triage and run a clinical lactation concern for mother, baby, and family. In many areas, they're compensated per hour rate that appears to parallel the RN salary range that is from $20-$45 each hour. Lactation consultants don't have to be RN’s to operate within their role, even though some hospitals might have yet another requirement the LC be a registered nurse.

Lactation Consultants might be used in hospitals and manage hospital breastfeeding centers and boutiques. Within this roll they might facilitate other lactation consultants, breastfeeding organizations, triage telephone calls and warm lines, and manage breastfeeding stores that rent breast pumps then sell breastfeeding clothing and items.

Lactation Consultants are often hired by WIC, the government funded Women, Infant, and kids program. These lactation consultants are often also diet advisors, although that's not really a requirement.

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