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May 20, 2015
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Linden Thomas And Company History

Private Wealth Management

Two decades with large retail investment firms trained Stephen Thomas quite a bit. It trained him about producing efficient investment portfolios and controlling assets. It trained him not only to service clients, but to exceed their anticipation. It trained him about many useful practices, items and systems – along with a couple of he don't need.

Then when Thomas made the decision to embark on their own, he'd an abundance of understanding which to base his startup company. Thomas imagined a company operating free from any conflicts of great interest between its very own goals and it is clients’ needs, and that he searched for to construct a company that may deliver it. This grew to become the genesis of what's known today as Linden Thomas and Company, a completely independent financial talking to firm based in Charlotte now, NC. Linden Thomas and Company aims to become a superb firm and, more to the point, a fantastic partner, assessing and addressing the objectives and goals of their clients.

“Our primary focus is our clients’ needs, ” states Thomas, controlling principal from the firm. “Everything we all do is made to meet individuals needs, putting the customer first. And also to us it's essential to get this done having a high amount of ethics and morals, by both dealing with the customer right and doing what we should ourselves know is appropriate. It is not easy in this competitive industry.”

Since its formation, Linden Thomas and Company has developed right into a natural number of financial professionals focused on one objective: to make an effort to provide the most effective investment recommendations and superior plan to its clients. The mixture leads to a company that's dedicated to maintaining its independence and delivering the perfect financial advice enabling the organization to assist serve its client’s needs. We use a team approach it is not dedicated to selling items, but structured naturally around clients, building unique investment portfolios to suit their unique conditions.

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