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November 4, 2015
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consulting feesTalking to costs, talking to fees…How would you set talking to costs? Here’s helpful tips for setting talking to fee rates. (It is also relevant to individuals wondering how you can set working as a consultant costs — a completely independent consultant continues to be a working as a consultant and thus is really a freelance worker!)

Whenever you be a consultant, it's important to set talking to costs. Talking to pay and costs could be exercised often. Here’s some good info that will help you evaluate which clients should pay an advisor (some customers are still vulnerable to consultant fee sticker shock, though). With this thought, you are able to determine typical consultant rates — what companies pay consultants for his or her hrs, days, projects and expert opinions.

The primary methods for setting talking to costs include:

  1. Doubling/tripling your hourly wage
  2. Utilizing a daily rate for talking to
  3. Setting consultant costs through the project
  4. Setting talking to costs according to performance
  5. Setting consultant costs smartly using real-existence data
  6. Charging what everybody else charges
  7. Relocating to Solution-based Costs

(Want much more info? Get 200+ pages on setting talking to costs within my Talking to Costs: Helpful Information for Independent Consultants).

Primary Methods for Setting Talking to Costs

1. Double/triple your hourly salary-based wage as grounds for talking to costs

To create costs, some consultants take the hourly wage (plus benefits) they would earn when focusing on salary for another person after which exponentially increase it. If you are carrying this out, you’ll most likely discover that tripling your hourly wage is the greatest move. Some consultants select a triple rate due to the things they call the rule of thirds — 1 / 3 would go to your real wage, 1 / 3 to expenses, and something third to administration, low utilization and bad debt. It’s pretty easy math, also is grounds it’s popular. (If you like some assistance, use our hourly rate calculator with this step.)

Your house you are making $60k annually plus benefits and also you get four days of compensated leave .

($60Thousand salary + $15Thousand benefits) / (48 days * 40 hrs) =

= $75Thousand / 1920 = $39.06

Should you double this and round to the nearest multiple of $5 or $10, your talking to rate ought to be about $80 an hour or so. ($39.06 x 2 = $78.12, rounded to $80.)

Should you triple this, your talking to fee ought to be about $120 an hour or so. (Or $39.06 x 3 = $117.18, rounded to $120 each hour.)

I suggest rounding to the nearest $5 or $10 multiple, just because a $78/hr or $117 fee looks odd. Even though that could work for several large box discount stores, it’s most likely not the approach that is useful for independent talking to.

Obviously, this assumes you utilize per hour rate for the talking to services. Lots of people exercise per hour rate, but really charge through the half-day, day, project or any other arrangement.

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